Wednesday, May 27, 2015

new short story - Tin Toys

Tin Toys

Mark would recognize that robot toy anywhere. It used to belong to his childhood buddy, Bren. 

Is this really Bren, all grown up? 

For Mark, meeting Bren again brings up old memories … and new feelings. Will tin toys bring them together … or keep them apart? 

approx. 6,000 word - sweet gay romance short story 

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  1. such a darling story :) really made me smile!

  2. Hi, I just found a free kindle copy of Wes and Kit, and I started trying to find a bibliography for you, or bio, list of when works were published, anything. But there is not much out there about you, I didn't even see a Wikipedia page or a page on one of the "Wiki" sites that are not part of the original, but follow the style and tend to be subject-based. I'm sure there are quite a few on gay romance! Anyway, if you are out there, I'd love a link, if not, I would highly recommend that you get yourself on some of those sites. I don't know Wikipedia's rules on writing about one's self, but I'm sure a friend or publisher, or you under a pseudonym could do it. In the meantime, if you don't have a link, could you maybe post a list of your work in chronological order and with anything that happens in the same "series" or whatever tagged as such on this site? I for one would really appreciate it! (Once your wrists are up for it, of course--I have a genetic condition that affects all my joints and connective tissue, and my wrists get very angry with me, but depending on the cause, there are so many great treatment options. I can share some of my lifetime of experiences if you are interested. I am almost 33, and my body started falling apart when I was 9, so I have nearly 15 years of experience in traditional and alternative medicine, and I love the idea that any of the misery I have gone through could help spare someone else done suffering. That makes it almost seem like there is a point to it. Or at least that's how I choose to look at it.)
    Anyway, I look forward to reading your work, once I am sure it has no prequels or isn't part of a bigger story. I'm big on reading things in the order they were written. :)
    Thanks so much for any help, and I really do hope your wrists feel better soon!

    1. Thanks for your interest!!

      I don't think I'll make a wiki. I'm not that technically skilled. I believe all my books are able to be read alone, although some are connected, in series or more loosely.

      There's a list on Amazon:

      And Goodreads:

      I always try to list what books it's related to in the description of any book. I hope that helps a bit. :-)

      I've had joint pain off and on since I was a teenager, but I don't have a real condition (that I know of), just sensitivity to overuse and weather changes. I take a lot of supplements which seem to help a lot of the time. We had a huge weather change recently so I suspect that triggered my pain. It's improving a lot. I'm sorry you have to deal with it all the time - that must be intense (and very difficult).

      Sorry for the slow reply!! :-)