Friday, December 27, 2019

My 2019

Writing Year in Review

This year, I published four novels, 5 short stories, 1 novella, and 2 box sets.  Obviously the lengths of story definitions can vary, but I'm not feeling too technical right now. :)  I should add that some of the short stories were written before 2019 as Patreon rewards.

For me, this year held some hard times and some burnout, and I ended up getting less done than I'd hoped.  Some things I was very proud of, and sometimes I just felt discouraged and like none of it was really worth bothering with.  The most meaningful story for me to write (and the hardest) was "You're Worth It."  But I'm not sure it was the best.  I'm not sure there was a best this year! 

I wrote about 281,000 words this year, which I do not consider highly productive.  It's less than 800 words a day--not my best average!  (Average obviously doesn't mean the pace at which I actually write, because I had one month with under 1k, and one month with over 80k.)

And I don't know how much of the year was devoted to editing--whether you can tell or not, haha--but I can tell you it was a lot, and I found it challenging.  For me, writing is easier than editing by a long shot.  Not always easy, but much less awful than questioning everything I wrote and trying to fix it all up.

I've had years where I wrote over a million words of fiction in a year and published most of it.  (But that could be one of the reasons I've been struggling with burnout.  That may have been an unsustainable pace for me.)

I won't deny I'd like to step up my game as an author in 2020, but I can't promise anything.  I'm not planning any new ventures like audio, and I can't promise that I'll be a better or faster writer, or how much I'll manage to write and actually publish.  I can only tell you that I'm still trying, and I think I still have some stories to tell.  I'm currently plugging away, as well as trying to regain the joy of writing and replenish my idea well.

Thank you for sticking with me this year.  I hope you have a great 2020.



Thursday, December 26, 2019

Shifters and Partners Box Set 11-15


Shifters and Partners
Box Set 11-15
by Hollis Shiloh

This box set contains the following stories from the "Shifters and Partners" series:

Foxed Up
Not My Mate
Second Time Charm
Harry Ever After
All My Broken Pieces

Monday, December 16, 2019

GR nominations - thank you

I was nominated in the following categories:

2019 Members' Choice Awards > Best Military / Intelligence Officer /Spies
Two Soldiers by Hollis Shiloh

2019 Members' Choice Awards > Best Law Enforcement
My Fox Mate by Hollis Shiloh

2019 Members' Choice Awards > All-Time Favorite M/M Author
Hollis Shiloh

Thank you for the nominations!  :-)

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Christmas Treats

This collection contains seven Christmas stories from Hollis Shiloh:

Winton's Strays

Two young men meet on a train in 1917.

Miles is out of the hospital in time for Christmas, traveling to relatives he doesn't want to see. He was lucky to survive the Great War. But he doesn't feel very lucky right now. Until blue-eyed Winton trips on a scarf and into his life. Winton, with his quirky smile, gentle nature, and rescued pets.

Miles could love this man, he really could. But how the hell can he burden this kind, bright young man with his wounded, limping self?

Falling for Archie

Harris writes instruction manuals for a living and is self-conscious at the best of times. He's not pleased when he manages to break a leg—but he's even less pleased when a pushy friend sends someone to help him around the house while it heals.

When the young man in question rides up on a motorcycle, Harris expects the worst.

He certainly never plans to fall in love. But Archie—short, clumsy, and utterly gorgeous—doesn't make it easy.

Mark & Spence

Mark is a cynical, too pretty, slight man working as an elf for the Christmas season at a department store. He also hasn't been in a relationship since his manipulative and abusive ex left him.

Spence is a tall, handsome, strong man who works as a reindeer helping 'Santa' at the same department store. The two share a special chemistry, but it's hard for Mark to trust anyone, even this gentle man.

They both have secrets that could -- perhaps should -- keep them apart. Gentle, caring Spence keeps getting past Mark's barriers...but will Mark be able to handle it when he finds out  why Spence is really here?

Contains a Christmas theme, reindeer shifters, elves, abusive relationship aftermath, angst, and a happy ending.

Elves and Deer

Greer is a reindeer shifter working at a magical shipping hub up North. He has little use for or understanding of elves—such delicate, short-lived creatures—but he tries to do his best by the ones in his life. And it seems like more and more are coming into his life, confusing and frustrating him, needing help, needing rescued.

Since Greer is always busy, it's easy to overlook the things he doesn't want to acknowledge—until a terrible danger gives him unwanted time to think…and to realize there's just one elf who means more to him than he's ever wanted to admit.

Most Wonderful

Tyler has never been in love in his life. So why now? Why his best friend?

The Christmas Divorce

Sean and Jem are getting a divorce. It's a sad way to spend Christmas, apart for the first time in years, but times change and love dies. Jem has been trying hard to move on with his life...but now Sean's back asking for his help. Sean's parents are coming over for Christmas, and he doesn't want to tell them about the divorce and ruin their holiday. If Jem will just come back for a few days, to decorate and keep up the pretense till after Christmas, he'd be ever so grateful...

Felix Navidad

Justin isn't a fan of Christmas (or holidays in general) at the best of times. But now his long-term boyfriend has broken up with him, and he's even more gloomy than usual. The hot and unfortunately straight Felix, his partner on the force, keeps trying to help. It's really not working until Christmas Day arrives, and brings with it an unexpected gift...