Monday, December 16, 2019

GR nominations - thank you

I was nominated in the following categories:

2019 Members' Choice Awards > Best Military / Intelligence Officer /Spies
Two Soldiers by Hollis Shiloh

2019 Members' Choice Awards > Best Law Enforcement
My Fox Mate by Hollis Shiloh

2019 Members' Choice Awards > All-Time Favorite M/M Author
Hollis Shiloh

Thank you for the nominations!  :-)


  1. You deserve all the nominations! I so enjoy your books ��

  2. Hi! I keep re-reading the Abe Investiations series! I hope it continues. I see you were obsessing over your production for the year. Don't do it. It's about the journey in life, not the destination. I work in a factory and they have meetings ridiculing people who didn't do enough overtime or production. You are an artist, not a widget. Oh, and Abe and Gregory need that dog. It could result in a cozy murder!