Friday, June 7, 2024

Moss & Mabry


Moss & Mabry
by Hollis Shiloh

John Moss is a land healer first and foremost, even though he's part of the guardians and supposedly a warrior. His main helper is the vampire Mabry. Mabry fills a difficult role. As a peace-treaty sacrifice from the vampires, he answers to the guardian council instead of the vampires, and he receives little to no respect from anyone. He and John are friends, but they can't be more when Mabry isn't truly free to say yes or no.

Facing a difficult job healing a cemetery with deeply negative energy around it, John and Mabry might be out of their depths. At the same time, Mabry is facing another difficulty as well—one that's more personal and dangerous. They need all their skills, cleverness, and bravery if they're going to work together to free the land—and to free Mabry, too.

fantasy – LGBT

43,000 words