Tuesday, August 23, 2016


by Hollis Shiloh
Hugh and Jem work together as a team for the ESRB. Hugh's just a regular ex-cop, but Jem always knows the odds — of anything — and he's always right. It certainly hasn't made his life any easier.
Working for the ESRB has its challenges, such as when trying to track down Martin, a powerful empath who doesn't want to be found. Martin also happens to be the one person who might just make Hugh and Jem face the suppressed attraction between them.
Knowing the odds can't always protect two men from danger, though — and their fledgling relationship will be soon put to a terrible test.
A Men of the ESRB story
50,000 words
Heat: low
a Men of the ESRB novel
gay paranormal romance
The Extra Sensory Regulatory Bureau rates talented individuals like empaths and clairvoyants. They have special gifts — and often some extra burdens that go along with them. The ESRB takes care of its own, but these guys still have a lot to figure out about life — and love. Stay tuned for more tales from the men of the ESRB.

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