Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Of Partners and Friends (shifters & partners #30)

Of Partners and Friends 

shifters & partners #30

by Hollis Shiloh

Can Rory's friends at the diner help him figure out what to do?

Wolf shifter Rory knows he's not great at a lot of things, but it hurts when his own partner is fed up with him. Working with the cops isn't easy. It's even harder now that Walt, his partner, has started to hate him.

Rory struggles to navigate the challenges—and dangers—of his life, without any meaningful help from his partner. He needs another option, but he doesn't want to leave the friends he's made here, much less go back to his awful pack.

His friends at the diner offer advice, especially the clever, prickly fox shifter Elias. But can Rory follow through on it? Meanwhile, Rory and Elias are getting closer, but not in all the fun ways.

Unfortunately, Elias is off the menu. He only does committed relationships. And Rory can't do that. Right?

51,000 words – Low Heat – Friends to Lovers


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