Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Husband for Steel and Blood

A Husband for Steel and Blood 
by Hollis Shiloh

When a young girl implores Edgar Finch to marry her older brother because "Charlie is unhappy," Edgar is at first amused. But Charlie is nephew to the horribly abusive Lord Fitzhannon, whom Edgar has set himself against, and the lad is suffering under Fitzhannon's cruelty.

Marriage is not in Edgar's plans, but he'll save the lad if he can—and marriage may be his one shot. Charlie is nineteen, wild and wounded, and extraordinarily beautiful. The marriage of convenience to Edgar is just what he needs to get free of his awful uncle, and to protect his innocent little sisters.

A rocky alliance between Edgar and Charlie grows into something more companionable, from reluctantly relying on one another to trusting and warm. But Edgar's heart is set on revenge against Fitzhannon, who is responsible for the death of the only man he ever loved. Nothing must get in his way.

He would rather not drag his young husband down with him, much less develop feelings for the brat. Now, if only Charlie would have the good sense not to fall in love with him...

37,500 words

A "Marrying Men" story. These pseudo-historical tales feature men marrying one another in various worlds and ways. Happy ending are to be expected.  

If you need a review copy please let me know, also what format you prefer.  :-)

Thursday, September 6, 2018

A Fox Hunted

A fox shifter is facing his last few breaths before a bloody end when fate gives him a second chance at life...and perhaps a shot at finding love.

4400 words
historical / shifter 
previously a Patreon reward