Sunday, November 24, 2013

Harper Fox books

Does it sound strange to say that I always hesitate to start a new Harper Fox book?  They are such deeply emotional & beautifully written reads for me that I find myself almost unable to put the books down once I start one.  Sometimes it feels like I can hardly catch my breath until I find out what happens next.  At any rate, over the last couple of weeks I've read a bunch of them, gulping them down like I usually do, moved by the emotion and intensity and plots, but also by the beautiful writing style.  Fox is one of those authors that makes me want to be a better writer!  I don't know how she does it, but she always manages to make me care about her characters, even when I don't think I'll be able to!


Saturday, November 9, 2013

diet time

So, I'm currently trying to lose some weight.  This year I concentrated on writing, editing, and all the rest of it so much that I've rather neglected certain important considerations.  Like not eating a lot of junk food, for instance.

Unfortunately changing my diet seems to make me a bit...emotional.  I'm inches from tears at the moment, and dreadfully missing carbs.  It seems like there's never a good time to change one's diet though, doesn't it?  :)

Anyway, I can always stop if I have to.  And stay fat.  *sobs*

This is not at all an important post.  But I do want to start taking my health seriously so I don't have to make any more sudden changes this year or the next.  I shouldn't be sacrificing eating properly to write, because I know it's going to come back and bite me sooner or later.  In the ass.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go prepare peanut butter on celery sticks.

Friday, November 8, 2013

2 interviews + a pre-order!

Hey guys!  Thanks so much to anyone who is buying You Were Always the One!  I'm really happy to see that people are interested in reading about Max and Jamie.  Or else they just love the beautiful cover art, but I'm cool with that.  ;)  Anyway, thank you!


Here on Chris T. Kat's blog!

Here on Books On Silver Wings!

Thanks very much to both blogs for hosting me.  :D


Always Saying Goodbye now has a pre-order page at Less Than Three Press!  It will be released in January.

Oh, also, my wolf shifter story, "Brian's Mate," is going to be illustrated by Dreamspinner's Catt Ford!  Isn't that amazing??  :)  I'm really looking forward to seeing what she creates.  :D