Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sweet Scents

Sweet Scents
by Hollis Shiloh
A Sweet Briar Farm story

Jon, 18, is a bunny shifter who's very youthful-looking for his age...and very gay. He's so happy with life on Sweet Briar Farm, now that he's safe and free from bullies.

Fitch, 17, is a skunk shifter who just arrived. Trusting anyone is hard for him, and he throws up a barrier of assumed toughness. He's survived a lot of pain and doesn't want more. But he can't resist Jon's warm friendliness.

The two boys are drawn inexplicably to one another. Will they be friends for life...or more than friends? And what, precisely, does that mean for two boys who'd never been particularly interested in sex?

Sweet Briar Farm is a place for them to heal, to find themselves, and to find each other...whatever that means to the two of them.

A Sweet Briar Farm story
25,000 words
Heat level: very low

Keywords: New adult, gay romance, asexuality, shifter tale, rabbit shifter

sweet gay romance set in the same world as the "Shifters and Partners" series but can be read alone

Review copies are always free!  Write to me at hollis.shiloh AT gmail.com!

cute critters in a field...a playful 
art by the amazing TatianaOnegina: 

My books are out of Kindle Unlimited right now, and I don't know if/when they will be back.  In the meantime, I have some books available at these different vendors, and will be uploading more when I can:

And here is a look at my next upcoming title:

Journey, by Hollis Shiloh 
a shifters & partners story

Thursday, October 20, 2016

A general post of sorts

Hi guys.  This is a sort-of update.  I'm working on a new release, and it should be out within the next day or so.  (It's another bunny shifter book...but a little different.)

In the meantime, here's a picture I took over the summer.  I think it turned out pretty well:

I recently bought a book on identifying trees in my local area, so hopefully I will soon be well-versed in nature!  (Okay, maybe not.)  I also saw a bald eagle eating a dead fish!  Although I didn't get a picture of that (the eagle or the fish).

I'm trying to see if it works for me to be an Amazon Associate and earn money from clicks, so I'll be starting to link my books that way from now on, if it works out for me.  I was too intimidated to try for a long time.

On that crass, commercial note, here are some things I've gotten recently through Amazon, and quite liked:

  (Amazon affiliated links)

(an interesting movie)


(3D wall stickers--very cute but don't stay up very well!)

(I love this!  I feel OK on it, when I mostly couldn't drink coffee at all for years!)

(These kitty sticky notes are a lot more use than you'd think!)

And of course, last but not least, for making healthier cocoa...and you know I need my cocoa!!!  (I still maintain it helps my brainpower, and believe me, I need all I can get!)  ;-)

Well, there are actually a lot of stressful things going on in my life right now, but I wanted to focus on some upbeat stuff, as well as trying out these affiliate links things.  

I'll be posting the new book's details soon.  In the meantime, here are some other people's books I've enjoyed a lot recently.  (Links go to Goodreads.)

...and, well, a lot more, if I'm honest.  (I read a lot of books!)