Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sweet Scents

Sweet Scents
by Hollis Shiloh
A Sweet Briar Farm story

Jon, 18, is a bunny shifter who's very youthful-looking for his age...and very gay. He's so happy with life on Sweet Briar Farm, now that he's safe and free from bullies.

Fitch, 17, is a skunk shifter who just arrived. Trusting anyone is hard for him, and he throws up a barrier of assumed toughness. He's survived a lot of pain and doesn't want more. But he can't resist Jon's warm friendliness.

The two boys are drawn inexplicably to one another. Will they be friends for life...or more than friends? And what, precisely, does that mean for two boys who'd never been particularly interested in sex?

Sweet Briar Farm is a place for them to heal, to find themselves, and to find each other...whatever that means to the two of them.

A Sweet Briar Farm story
25,000 words
Heat level: very low

Keywords: New adult, gay romance, asexuality, shifter tale, rabbit shifter

sweet gay romance set in the same world as the "Shifters and Partners" series but can be read alone

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cute critters in a field...a playful 
art by the amazing TatianaOnegina: 

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Journey, by Hollis Shiloh 
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  1. so happy to see this!!! I've been wanting more asexuality romances for quite some time...The deviantart and the next upcoming title are lovely :)

    *HUGS* congrats on the new release---Tame

    1. Thanks so much! :) I hope it doesn't disappoint.