Thursday, December 21, 2017

Trees Take the Long View (shifters and partners Book 17)

Trees Take the Long View 
by Hollis Shiloh

Alec dropped out of the shifters and partners program, disillusioned forever with the police. Now an unfairly handsome troubleshooter is here to try to tempt him back. To complicate matters, he might just be Alec's mate. 

Despite their differences, Alec wants to make it work (as mates—not partners). But it'll take time for Dean to figure out what he wants. No matter the attraction between them, it might take an awfully long time. 

Fortunately, Alec can be as patient as a tree...even if he can't keep his nose out of Dean's job...

A shifters and partners novel (standalone)
52,000 words
Low heat

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  1. I'm reading it and loving it! It was a total surprise when I found this new release.
    Happy holidays! *kisses*

  2. When is this coming out on Barnes and Noble? I have a gift card with this book's name on it!

    1. I'm sorry for the delay, not sure what the issue is. Probably just the time of year causing delay. (The other sites seemed fast enough, though.) If you'd like I can send you a free copy, just email me.

    2. Ah, finally:
      I bet their ears were burning.

    3. It was a nice wake up present! Hush now...reading here. ;)