Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Adrian's Librarian - published by Dreamspinner Press

This is a sweet gay Regency / historical romance.  103 pages, $3.99 from Dreamspinner Press.  It should be available from other retailers soon.  

Here's what it's about:

One night at a masquerade party, rakish Adrian Knowles kisses the wrong man by mistake and meets Oliver Windham. Feisty yet wary and broken, Ollie desperately needs a friend. Almost against his will, Adrian finds himself playing the hero… and falling in love. 

Adrian hires Ollie to set his library to rights—after having his servants put all the books out of order. He promises himself he’ll treat Ollie only as a friend, but Ollie quickly becomes the only man he wants. 


I loved working with DSP on this story!  I hope to have more things published through them in future.  :D  The art and editing were all wonderful, and I just love the look of the finished product.  They did so well by my story.  I'm really pleased about it!  

I hope if you buy the story that you'll enjoy it. :)


His Paparazzo on "Guys Like Romance, Too!"

See the post about it here:

Basically, I talk a bit about the characters as well as why I wrote the story. And there's an excerpt.  :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

His Paparazzo


Actor Colin Colton is tired of dealing with the paparazzi. One night he snaps and breaks the camera of pushy Zach Jarlson. Within a few hours, guilt sets in and he replaces it.

Colin has a contentious relationship with the press--especially Zach. Then one day, trapped in a cable car together, they discover something more....

They go from enemies to friends and lovers...and then back again, as a sex tape of the two hits the market for a cool two million. Colin thinks Zach made it, and Zach thinks it was Colin. And neither man is ready to take it lying down.

Colin tracks Zach to a cabin in the woods as heavy snow cuts off all access. Their private interlude reveals the truth--and the real culprit.

But Colin still has to convince Zach he wasn't just a fling. Gun-shy after being outed by the press, Zach disappears from Colin's life. 

Just what does a guy have to do to convince his paparazzo he's serious about having a real relationship?

  • A contemporary sweet gay romance or m/m romance.
  • Length: approximately 33,000 words or ~135 pages
  • Heat level: Low