Wednesday, August 2, 2017

All My Broken Pieces

All My Broken Pieces
by Hollis Shiloh

Tim is a small wolf shifter, partially disabled, not good at confrontation, and very alone. Life isn't easy at a precinct where he's never been fully accepted. He spends far too much of his time trying not to overhear coworkers mocking him. His best friend (okay, pretty much his only friend) is a drug-addicted fox shifter. 

And Tim certainly knows better than to fall in love; that didn't work out so hot before. These days, he sticks to anonymous encounters. He doesn't believe in mates or true love, not for someone like him.

But he's worked for the cops almost a decade now, and really, there's no reason at all why he should have to go through a stupid certification course. They didn't even have those when he started!

Life takes an unexpected twist when one of his anonymous encounters turns out to be attending the same certification course. Levi is a big, sweet guy he'd never expected to see again. 

Tim doesn't want to let Levi see the flaws and cracks that anything more than a quick hookup would reveal. He certainly doesn't plan to spend any more time with the guy, much less get feelings for him...

Length: 65,000 words
Heat: somewhat low
A "shifters and partners" novel 

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  1. I really love the cover & just purchased my copy! I pray all is well with you.

  2. Hello dear friend! So excited to see so many new releases recently. I need to get caught up on this series but am tempted to skip a few as this one sounds lovely. ❤️

    1. Thanks! ❤️ I can send you formats if you'd like them! :)