Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Wolf Heart ( 1 & 2)

Mate Found
(My Wolf Heart #1)

Derek is a loner and a wolf shifter. He's just trying to get home after a hard job on a fishing boat, and certainly doesn't expect to find a pregnant wolf shifter in trouble. But when he does, he's all about helping her. Even if that means he's got to fight a crazy wolf in the process. 

Then life takes some unexpected turns . . . and Derek finds himself with a mate. One he just might not know how to live with. 

Length: 11,800 words 

Some dark content + cliffhanger type ending 

read more about the characters in the sequel, "Shiftless No More"

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Shiftless No More
(My Wolf Heart #2)

Unexpected mates must find a way to build a life together . . . if that's possible for such a damaged wolf shifter and a lonely curmudgeon. 

This is not the life Derek wanted, not the life he hoped for, but he's got to make sense of it and find a way to help his partner heal — and shift again — if either one is going to make it. 

Length: 19,300 words 

takes place after "Mate Found"

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Review copies always free!  Just email me and let me know what formats you need.  :-)

I might write a third one, but I haven't thus far.  
The covers were by Melody Simmons:

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Some Reservations

Some Reservations
a shifters and partners story
by Hollis Shiloh

Craig isn't sure he wants to work with a wolf shifter. He scored well enough on the tests that his precinct is sending him through the program, whatever he thinks about it . . . unless he can manage to flunk out. 

But the program proves to be both more interesting and more harrowing than he expected. Especially because of one guy he can't seem to stop thinking about, a gorgeous yet annoying shifter Craig can't forget or ignore. 

The only thing is, the shifter in question seems to have no such problem ignoring or forgetting about Craig. 

approx 40,000 words 
a shifters and partners story

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