Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Wolf Heart ( 1 & 2)

Mate Found
(My Wolf Heart #1)

Derek is a loner and a wolf shifter. He's just trying to get home after a hard job on a fishing boat, and certainly doesn't expect to find a pregnant wolf shifter in trouble. But when he does, he's all about helping her. Even if that means he's got to fight a crazy wolf in the process. 

Then life takes some unexpected turns . . . and Derek finds himself with a mate. One he just might not know how to live with. 

Length: 11,800 words 

Some dark content + cliffhanger type ending 

read more about the characters in the sequel, "Shiftless No More"

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Shiftless No More
(My Wolf Heart #2)

Unexpected mates must find a way to build a life together . . . if that's possible for such a damaged wolf shifter and a lonely curmudgeon. 

This is not the life Derek wanted, not the life he hoped for, but he's got to make sense of it and find a way to help his partner heal — and shift again — if either one is going to make it. 

Length: 19,300 words 

takes place after "Mate Found"

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Review copies always free!  Just email me and let me know what formats you need.  :-)

I might write a third one, but I haven't thus far.  
The covers were by Melody Simmons:


  1. Just purchased both *Hugs* I really live to read your stories!!!

  2. Hello dearest! Just wanted to let you know, I finished the first book last night and the 2nd one before work this morning. I LOVED THEM!!! Will this be another shifters series?

    1. Wow!! Thank you! :-) I would love to write a third one but I don't know when/if it will happen. :-) Other than that, I'm just not sure. Thank you so much for your kind words!!!!!!!!! :D