Saturday, March 4, 2017

Not My Mate

Not My Mate
by Hollis Shiloh 
a shifters & partners novel

  Charlie is a wolf shifter with a massive, heart-aching crush on his boss. He loves the man but knows he can never have him. Sahil is so kind to him, so sweet — and so lonely, when his real mate is gone. Meanwhile, Charlie's friend/enemy/coworker Russ gets irritated with Charlie about the crush — and about any and everything else, too. He's another wolf shifter, but he's not sweet; he's big and rude and annoying. He's very loyal, though — and perhaps he's hiding a secret of his own... 

52,000 words
Heat level: very low
a shifters and partners novel

Contains a short excerpt from the next book in the series.

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