Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Fox Heart

Fox Heart

by Hollis Shiloh

A Shifters & Partners story

About the story:

There are too many cops in my life.  First there's Ken, the guy I've been seeing.  I've been his secret for far too long.  Now he wants to join the Shifters and Partners organization—with me as his partner.  

I'm not convinced.  There's also this wolf hanging around now.  Eli works with the cops, and he's awfully easy to get a rise out of.  But he's also kind of my friend now.  And he'  

Fox shifters and wolf shifters don't mix.  Everybody knows that.  But this situation is starting to get tricky for my poor heart.  

What am I supposed to do when love is always just around the corner—for somebody else, but not for me?

Heat level: low

Word count: approx. 40,000



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