Friday, March 20, 2015

The Sea Calls My Name - cover art

This is the cover, by Paul Richmond, that will grace my upcoming selkie novella from Dreamspinner Press, coming soon....

I am pleased, as they say, as punch.  Isn't it lovely???  :-D

EDIT: now available for pre-order from Dreamspinner Press:

Monday, March 16, 2015

Joey and the Fox (plus other news)

I must admit, as I was writing this story, I enjoyed myself a lot.  I love foxes, and it was fun to write this.  I also bought myself some Martha Stewart brand sheets with foxes on them.  I finished the first draft of the story on Christmas Day.  It was really nice.  When I was editing, I found this link, and it really helped me find the motivation to keep going:  Foxes are cute, what can I say?  :D

Joey and the Fox

(shifters and partners book three)

Asshole cop. It's Joey's role, and one he's comfortable with. Joey tells gay jokes. He's crude, tough, and thick-skinned. But now he's got a chance to work with a fox shifter—and he doesn't want to lose that opportunity. 

Dylan is a mess: clingy and broken, cheerful but lost, seriously unpredictable…and very gay. But Joey desperately wants the partnership to succeed. He's not willing to lose the fox shifter for any reason, even when Dyl drives him crazy. 

Is there any way to make it work? And will the weird attraction he feels to the cute redhead ever go away? 

57,000 words
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Paperback also available!
If you need a review copy or another format, please let me know!  Thank you!  :-)

Two Upcoming Stories:
(available for pre-order now, or can be borrowed through Kindle Unlimited later)

Jason is self-conscious about his metal arm and uncomfortable with his sexuality. A big, quiet guy who intimidates a lot of people without even trying to, he works as a cook—and has a hopeless crush on his friend, Dr. Kingsley. Will Jason ever have a shot with his friend? Or does life have a different curveball to throw him?

Approx. 22,000 words
A steampunk-themed gay romance.

Takes place in the same world as "Like A One-Eyed Cat," "Gear Heart," "Wes and Kit," etc. 
Can be read alone.

Kase has a hard life as enforcer for his father, the head alpha. When he refuses to settle down with a female, he finds himself on his own, a lone wolf trying to find his way in the world as a gay wolf shifter.

Prickly, warm-hearted, sexy Jody is the one he wants, but the man's father (and alpha) is on the shady side of the law, and it's complicated. Anyway, how does he know if these intense feelings really mean they're mates or not?

There are many ways to build a life—and to be strong, and to be a leader—but it's still going to take work if Kase and Jody want to build a life together.

Gay romance. Takes place in the same universe as "Brian's Mate"
approx. 63,000 words

Amazon UK:

One more piece of news, and a question for you:

News: "The Sea Calls My Name" will be published soon by Dreamspinner Press!  It's a selkie-themed story.  :-)

Question: If I had the chance to turn one of my stories into an audiobook with professional help, which one would you prefer it to be?  (No pressure to answer, I'm just curious!)

Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a great week!  :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

so sweet...

If you haven't seen this series of illustrations, it's a beautiful, gentle romance about growing up and finding love.