Saturday, June 11, 2016


by Hollis Shiloh

Gareth Silverman has been locked up, away from his magic — and is slowly dying. Silus is desperate to get him free. With the help of friends from Skeffield Manor, he might just manage it...but at what cost?

Join friends old and new — magicians, mechanicalized men, and others, including one sparkly designer — at the revolving doors of Skeffield Manor, as it once again becomes a stage for magic, mystery...and love.

Takes place after "Mystery at Skeffield Manor," and in the same universe as "Wes and Kit" and "Robert and Louie," "Like A One-Eyed Cat," "Cold Hands Warm Heart," and "Gear Heart."

A story told from multiple points of view.

Length: approx. 54,000 words 
Heat level: Low

The book is currently in Kindle Unlimited.

This is the long awaited (well, by me, anyway) sequel to "Mystery at Skeffield Manor" (and related stories).

It includes cameos from almost every character I've written in this universe. (I never managed to include anyone from Gear Heart; the story had to come first not the cameos!)

If at any time you need a copy for any reason (different format, etc), just contact me and I'll get you a review copy. (Even if you don't end up reviewing it, that's fine!) Remember to specify format, please.  Always glad to hear from you!  :-)

Friday, June 10, 2016

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(takes place after Mystery at Skeffield Manor)

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