Monday, June 1, 2015

what's up with me

My anxiety is much lower!  Unfortunately, my wrists are hurting again.  I might have to lower my activity of editing, writing, or publishing, not to mention surfing the internet.  Whenever I get it under control, I feel like I've found the answer and have it all figured out now.  But then they start acting up again and it hurts to type, use the mouse, etc.  Sometimes excruciatingly.  I probably need better posture, keyboard skills, and equipment.  But sometimes I mean, I can crouch over a keyboard and write happily without pain, and other times I can barely do anything without hurting.

I'm glad to have pre-orders and such set up ahead so I'm not running into any last minute deadlines with releases.  I need to be able to fit my schedule to my health (and not just wrist-pain).  I am, however, VERY glad to have so much less anxiety lately.  It's much easier to just breathe without it.

Writing is going pretty well, in my opinion.  On the one hand I feel I have so much I need to improve on...but on the other hand, I'm writing and finishing stories regularly, including some I didn't think I'd get done.  There will be a sequel to Moths and Men eventually, as well as the long-delayed sequel to Hearts of Gold, which is finished except for the publishing stuff.

I have a lot to learn, in life and as a writer.  Right now I feel like just holding on, doing the best I can with my health, and continuing to practice is the best I can do.  Wishing you all well this June (and always), Hollis


  1. You poor thing *Hugs* I, on the one hand am happy your anxiety level is lessening!! On the other hand, your poor wrists :-( do you have access to any flexible wrist splints to help alleviate some of the pain? Or are you able to see anyone for this problem? I am happy about the sequels, but not at the sake of your health <3 please take care of yourself, sweet one ♡♡♡

    1. You're so kind my dear. Thank you for your kind words & support. I'm going to try wrist support things soon. I ordered some and they just arrived. I think the reason I was having so much pain was the sudden weather change, but it was a wakeup call -- take care of my wrists!! :-) I hope you are having a fabulous day, my dear. Thank you again. :-) <3

    2. so happy to see your reply, and that you're getting wrist splints to help you. That makes me very happy! I've been struggling lately, but reading your comment cheered me up <3 *HUGS*