Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Magician of Dustville

Magic, danger, and love in the Old West 

A small yet powerful magician moves to Dustville. He's prickly about his height (or lack thereof) and extremely private about his past. 

Magician meets sheriff, also private about his past and quite firmly in the closet. It is, after all, the only safe place to be in the little almost-town of Dustville. 

Attraction blossoming between them promises pleasure, and possibly more. Can this become what they both truly want — a real relationship? 

And can they survive cruel villains, dark pasts, and a grave magical danger that will test them both to their limits … or beyond? 

~38,000 words

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  1. I just finished this book earlier today...a very different book to be sure :-) a very unique & wonderful look on magic as it would be in the times of small Western towns!

    1. Thanks... :-) Hope your day is going well.... *hugs*

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