Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Sahil

My Sahil

Grant Ralstead has loved Sahil Singh for years, working with him and being his friend but knowing all the time that the angry, fierce human is his mate. 

Singh doesn't believe in mates or love, and doesn't trust anyone. But he worries every time Grant has to go away on a mission, endangering himself. Even though he pushes Ralstead away, his feelings about the wolf shifter are clearly complicated. 

Is there any hope for a happily-ever-after between a wounded human and the wolf shifter who loves him? 

A Ralstead and Singh short novella. Fits in the Shifters and Partners universe. 

Relationship-centered, very low heat, some angst. 

Approx. 19,000 words

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  1. I finished this book yesterday...so many emotions I felt while reading this one! Sadness, frustration, tenderness, joy, fear, relief...definitely a relationship book :-) I truly enjoyed it, and the resolution was realistic...one of my favourites that I will read again and again <3

    1. You're so kind!! Thank you!!! :-) It means so much that you shared your thoughts & feelings about this story. I really like these characters, so I'm pleased it worked for you! <3 <3