Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dirt Magic

Dirt Magic, by Hollis Shiloh

Trey has dirt magic.  It's messy and not very fun.  But some miners in his old hometown are trapped underground, and he feels duty-bound to see if he can help.  He doesn't expect to meet a nerdy, weird gay romance writer who just might have a talent or two of his own.  But Leo has a way of growing on Trey—and together, they might just have what the situation requires.  Not to mention each other…

A quirky gay paranormal romance

Length: 18,000 words 

Heat level: low

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This story turned out weird.  It's just...the characters are weird.   It's not terribly sexy but the main character has, what my mother used to call "a dirty mouth on him." 

There are a couple of tongue in cheek references in this story--some of them more authentic than you'd think.  

I, like the author character in this book, am sometimes really annoyed by editing, and the fact that I've found myself writing "than" instead of "that" accidentally.  

I also do some of my editing on my ereader.  I also love Fiestaware.  (It's bright and pretty!).  I have a Doctor Who themed mug that I love.  I want to buy this shirt, although I don't own it yet: http://shirt.woot.com/offers/go-sports

And I really enjoy writing my stories, even if I don't always think they're very good.

But that's all.  Nothing else about this story is true to my life!   ;)

Hope you have a great (and not paranormal) Halloween!
(NOTE: this story is not Halloween themed.)


  1. I love the cover! Thanks for sharing the fun similarities. I think all of your stories are good!

  2. This book was so lovely, I wish there was a sequel!! very unique: dirt-shifter? Genius :-) *Hugs*