Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Elves and Deer

Yes, a Christmas story is released in October!  What can I say, I tend to write Christmassy stories more than Halloweeny stories.  :-)

Elves and Deer

Greer is a reindeer shifter working at a magical shipping hub up North. He has little use for or understanding of elves—such delicate, short-lived creatures—but he tries to do his best by the ones in his life. And it seems like more and more are coming into his life, confusing and frustrating him, needing help, needing rescued. 

Since Greer is always busy, it's easy to overlook the things he doesn't want to acknowledge—until a terrible danger gives him unwanted time to think…and to realize there's just one elf who means more to him than he's ever wanted to admit. 

A Christmas tale 
38,000 words 
Heat level: very low

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If you need another format (for free) or a review copy (or an I-might-review copy) I will send it to you, just email me!  :-) 

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