Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Christmas With Alfie

Christmas With Alfie
by Hollis Shiloh

Henry knows what he likes—and what he doesn't.  He likes Christmas far more than one is supposed to, and gets started with his decorations far sooner, too.  He likes quiet days, and he gets annoyed with his coworkers and their idea of humor.  Unfortunately, he also likes Alfie—short, chipper, insecure Alfie.  

Having  a crush on a coworker is not ideal.  But Alfie is now seeking him out, spending time with him, and...wanting to be his friend?  Henry knows better than to get his hopes up, but his days are certainly brightened by Alfie's presence.

Alfie's life is messier than Henry's, even though most people consider him more normal.  He really needs a friend right now.  And possibly something more than a friend?

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