Saturday, July 25, 2015

UK Sale (£0.99)

OK!  Here's the UK sale.  Same twenty-eight titles.  Please make sure to check the price before you buy to be sure it's still going on.  Thank you!!  :-)

My Partner the Wolf

Jude's Magic

Magic for Lee

Songs By Heart

My Sahil

The Way to Joe

The One for Me

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Dirt Magic

A Good Place

Repairs With Rhett

Jack & Julian

And You Still Are

The Only One for Me

Winton's Strays

Loved You Once


Elves and Deer

Tiger's Breath

Joe & Tate

Mark & Spence

Charlie & Leo

Strawberry Rivals

Through A Fog

Colton and Ry

A Bad Case

The Real Finn

His Paparazzo

Thoughts to share?  Please let me know what else is important to you guys!  Maybe it will be something I can do something about.

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