Saturday, August 1, 2015

Flying With Charlie

Flying With Charlie  

new release - out now from Hollis Shiloh

Nick needs a new wing walker. Charlie needs a way to escape his hometown. Surprisingly, they work well together. But Nick finds the fiery, vulnerable redhead far too attractive for comfort. He does his best to push Charlie away and protect himself. 

Charlie is amazing in the air and desperately drawn to Nick, even when he doesn't want to be. Nick does a good job of being unpleasant to Charlie, convincing himself it's better this way. 

But if he can't stop, he'll lose the man who's gotten past his barriers and into his brittle heart. 

Warning: contains angst
Length: 20,000 words

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  1. Really enjoyed this story!!! High flying acrobats, angwt, and a romance that sneaks up on you? Awesome :-)

    1. You're so kind. Thank you!

      I hope you're doing OK, I know I haven't written recently.