Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Having A Sale

Hey guys!  For the next few days, 28 of my stories are on sale for 99 cents on Amazon US.  Then the price goes up to the regular amount.  Here they are:

My Partner the Wolf

Jude's Magic

Magic for Lee

Songs By Heart

My Sahil

The Way to Joe

The One For Me

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Dirt Magic

A Good Place

Repairs With Rhett

Jack & Julian

And You Still Are

The Only One for Me

Winton's Strays

Loved You Once


Elves and Deer

Tiger's Breath

Joe & Tate

Mark & Spence

Charlie & Leo

Strawberry Rivals

Through A Fog

Colton and Ry

A Bad Case

The Real Finn

His Paparazzo


  1. Hi Hollis It would be great if you could have a sale at Amazon UK because I live in the UK and all your sale books on Amazon US are not reduced for UK readers.

    1. I will set it up! Thanks. :-) I'll post here when it's ready. I'll try to do all the same titles. Thank you for the comment. :-)