Friday, January 2, 2015

A Happy Ending for Lowell

Hey guys!  You know my story about Sean and Tom, My Partner the Wolf?  Well, I have another one coming out soon, My Partner and Me, this time from Sean's point of view.  I'm working hard on the edits as we speak!

Anyway, a buddy of mine mentioned wishing that Lowell (who's kind of a bad guy in these stories!) could have a happy ending, reform, find someone who'd make him happy, etc.  I said I'd like to read that but didn't think I could write it right now.  I said they were welcome to write it, though, if they wanted to.

Guess what I got for Christmas?  That very story, written just for me!  I was over the moon--it was soooo good!  It made me like Lowell and want the best for him.  They made the character into somebody I could love.

Anyway, I encouraged my buddy to go ahead and publish this story.  I really think it's an awesome read.  I feel honored that A. Russo's first published story is based on one of my characters!!  And I hope they'll write many other things in future, too.

Anyway you can read the story on the Kindle, if you are also interested:

Someone's Favorite
A. Russo

Lowell hasn't been the best partner in the past. Two tumultuous relationships and a year of self-reflection have taught him a lot about himself and he doesn't like what he sees. He knows he isn't perfect, but he's trying to become a better person. However, he's afraid to fall back into old patterns and lacks the confidence he used to have. When he meets Adam, he's immediately taken by the man's kind heart and positive attitude. Will the love of a good man be able to restore Lowell's faith in himself, or is he truly destined never to be anyone's favorite again?


It's very sweet and a total feel good read for me.
(It's also available on Kindle Unlimited.)

Oh, if you haven't read my stories, I think you could just read this as a rather sweet contemporary read with a bit of angst in it, and a happy ending.  :-D

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