Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 99 cent blowout sale + new release

Hi guys!  For about a week, a number of my books on Amazon will be on sale for 99 cents each.

If you read in a different format, please contact me.  I'll hook ya up!

Sale Titles Include:

Tiger's Breath
Memories and Marco
Gear Heart
Through A Fog
The One for Me
Jack & Julian
Joe & Tate
Mark & Spence
Colton and Ry
Falling for Archie
Magic for Lee
His Kind of Home
Like A One-Eyed Cat
Winton's Strays
Yours, Johnny
Designs by the Sea


The Way to Joe

Yeah, Seth knows Joe is a little older--but he doesn't realize the foxy gentleman is thirty years older. Twenty-three vs. fifty-three is kind of a big deal. Is there any chance for things to work out between a laid-back surfer and an older guy with heart problems and an overly chivalrous nature? 

Heat level: low
Length: 25,000


  1. I seriously loved The Way to Joe :-) *Hugs*!!!

  2. Amazing story. Any plans for a sequel? Possibly a heart transplant?

    1. You're very kind. Thank you! :)

      I have no current plans for a sequel. :) Anything could happen, though. Thanks again.