Monday, October 7, 2013


So, I joined Scribd!

One can sign up for a monthly fee to read as many books as you want.  They don't have all books, but they have a good selection, I think!  

These are the currently available Dreamspinner titles (over 800):

Best of all, Elizabeth said authors still get full royalties for reads from this site.  I hope the models works for them.  I'd like to keep reading here!

Here are some of my recent reads that I've enjoyed a great deal:


It's lovely to read as quickly as I want and not "ration" stories!  :)  If they keep being this amazing, I'll probably stay a member for life.


  1. this is WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I'm a member of Scribd, but I didn't know about the 'reading unlimited titles' for a fee each month! It's just like Hulu Plus or Netflix, except it's books :) Yippie---I'm signing up!!



  2. I know! I can hardly believe it!! :D I've read more than I could've afforded this month already. :D