Monday, July 29, 2013

That Good Earth, by S. A. Meade

That Good Earth, by S. A. Meade

The author wrote this story for the "Love Has No Boundaries" thingy for the M/M romance group on Goodreads.  Link:

The author wrote it for my request.  MY request!

And I love this story.  I love it.  It is brilliant!  You can read my review of it at the link above.

It is just perfect.  <3

But it is even more perfect when I think about what went into this.  Here was my idea, written for nothing but kindheartedness, by an author I didn't know.  Writing a story is such an intimate experience; you put your whole heart into it and hope it will work.  She put time, effort, emotion, and likely a lot of research into this gem, all for nothing.

That simply blows me away.

You can read the story here.  I think you have to be a member of the group, but I'm not positive.

Thank you, S.A. Meade!  You're the best. <3

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