Sunday, June 9, 2013

upcoming titles

I have three upcoming titles.

Colton and Ry

A story about two firemen learning how much they really do love each other!

I'll be releasing this story later this month through Spare Words Press, my self-publishing name. 

A cop and an artist--once boyhood friends, meeting again under less-than-ideal circumstances.  There's a lot of water under the bridge--and a lot of love still in their hearts.

Also, this story has a Golden Retriever in it.  I modeled her shamelessly after my now-deceased dog, whom I still miss.  (Yes, she really was that sweet and gentle-natured!)

This story will be out in November from Dreamspinner Press.  (I can't tell you the title because we haven't settled on the final one yet!) 

Always Saying Goodbye

A reporter and a photographer, saying goodbye.  An end to their professional and personal relationship, and all the hurt and confusion (and love) it used to hold.  Is it the end for them, permanently?

This story will be published by Less Than Three Press - I believe in January 2014.

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