Tuesday, June 18, 2013

new release: Colton and Ry


Colton and Ry, by Hollis Shiloh

They had this thing. When neither was in a relationship, they… visited. With sex. And booze or the big game, and laughing together. But mostly sex. There was something easy and safe about going to bed with a man you trusted with your back during the day, trusted to save your life and get you back out of a burning building no matter what.

But what happens when Colton and Ry start to realize maybe they're more serious than they thought? How do they handle the next step—and Colt's angry ex?

Genre: gay romance

Length: approx. 15,000 words

Heat level: low


They continued to razz each other through the meal, feeling better with every burn, insult, and laugh.

They were still hungry after they finished eating their burgers, so Colt made them each a second burger with melted blue cheese on top, and while he did that, Ry walked down the street to the bakery on the corner and bought two chunks of cheesecake. This time when they finished eating, they were full.

And then they got their shit ready for tomorrow, and went to bed for a horizontal mamba. Or two. Or three.

Despite all their tough talk, they stayed gentle with each other in bed. Maybe even a little gentler than normal. Colt touched Rylan like he was breakable.

And maybe he sort of was. He'd pretty much come out and admitted—to himself and to Colt—that his feelings for Colt went a little deeper than he'd maybe wanted to think about before. And when he thought about it too closely, it scared the crap out of him.

Colt was right; it changed everything. What were they supposed to do with this knowledge, if it was real—if they wanted a real relationship, not just a makeshift, make-do-and-mend intermediate thing?

Fortunately, it was hard to think too much with Colt in his bed, warm and giving and utterly present.

Sleep came easily that night, with them wrapped around each other, holding on tight. The comforting scent of Colt's sweat

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