Saturday, April 18, 2015

Three preorders available for June-July

(this cover was by Lou Harper

The Magician of Dustville

Magic, danger, and love in the Old West 
A small yet powerful magician moves to Dustville. He's prickly about his height (or lack thereof) and extremely private about his past. 

Magician meets sheriff, also private about his past and quite firmly in the closet. It is, after all, the only safe place to be in the little almost-town of Dustville. 

Attraction blossoming between them promises pleasure, and possibly more. Can this become what they both truly want—a real relationship? 

And can they survive cruel villains, dark pasts, and a grave magical danger that will test them both to their limits…or beyond? 

~38,000 words

Release Date: June 15, 2015


(this cover was by Yoly at


Afraid of being outed, Neil Hunter, "Hunt," dreads meeting the new "human lie detector" at the precinct—a registered empath who can sense truth and falsehood. 

But Skyler Zane is more of a mess than any closeted cop could ever be, with an abusive ex and a history of mental issues. And instead of avoiding him, Hunt ends up taking him under his wing, looking out for him. 

And maybe falling for him, too. Everything is going well—including their unexpected feelings for each other—until Sky's skills come to the wrong attention. Now it's up to Hunt to find him—and figure out how to keep them both alive. 

~45,000 words

Release Date: July 1, 2015


Boyfriend Material

After a breakup, Josh is once again on his own, wondering if he'll ever amount to anything or find someone who truly loves him and can handle his shy, damaged self. 

There's one man he can always call on for help, and soon he's staying with his dear friend Luther once again. Living together brings back old feelings for both of them, their one disastrous date attempt notwithstanding. 

Should they try again? Is Josh too damaged or will he finally find a man to love for the rest of his life? 

~35,000 words – heat level very low 

This gay romance contains characters from the Max and Jamie books. It can be read alone.

Release Date July 15, 2015

All these stories will be available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited.  Or you can pre-order or buy whenever. 

If you need different formats of review copies let me know!  <3

Thank you for supporting me.  <3  I will try to keep writing a lot!!

My goal this year has been to have a story published every month, and to get better as a writer.  IDK if I'm meeting the second goal (I live in hope), but I'm well on the way to meeting the first.

Thank you again.  :-D



  1. Just ordered all 3!!! Yippie �� You are a great & prolific author *Hugs*