Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Available now to buy or read on Kindle Unlimited

Jason is self-conscious about his metal arm and uncomfortable with his sexuality. A big, quiet guy who intimidates a lot of people without even trying to, he works as a cook — and has a hopeless crush on his friend, Dr. Kingsley. Will Jason ever have a shot with his friend? Or does life have a different curveball to throw him? 

Approx. 22,000 words 
A steampunk-themed gay romance. 

Takes place in the same world as "Like A One-Eyed Cat," "Gear Heart," "Wes and Kit," etc. 
Can be read alone. 

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  1. I finished Cold Hands, Warm Heart last week (a few hours before medical boards), and I absolutely loved it!!! *Hugs* sorry it took a while to post this...busier than I thought

    1. Thank you, hon!! I hope the medical boards are going OK!!!!! *hugs* :)