Thursday, July 24, 2014

His Kind of Home

Jack hates the new gardener. Matt was hired by the wizard to repair Jack's hacking efforts. He's also blond and perfect, with good looks that make Jack feel uglier than dirt—and fill him with a strange longing. 

Jack has never fit in anywhere, belonged anywhere. Hired straight from the orphanage, used to fighting for survival, he's always longed for family and love. 

Now gentle, magical Matt seems willing to be his friend—or more than a friend? 

The arrival of caravan travelers turns Jack's life upside down. They might just be his true family—a family that actually wants him. 

Could this be his first real chance at belonging? And if so, where does Matt fit in his new life? 

Heat rating: very low 
Length: ~29,000 words 

Currently only on Amazon - if you need a different file, or a review copy, please write to me!  :-)

(If you are trying out the Kindle Unlimited program in the US, you can read it for free and I will still be paid.)

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