Monday, July 7, 2014

Dreamspinner Press specials

I'm really enjoying Dreamspinner's Press "Christmas In July" specials!  A new couple of books every day on sale for 99 cents.  I stay up till midnight so I can find out what they are.  I'm too excited to wait till morning!!  Finding some great books this way.  Also, one of my Dreamspinner stories will be on sale one of the days of this month!!  Nope, can't tell you which one or when.  ;)  But it's really exciting for me!  I know, I should find a hobby or something...  :-)  


  1. Books are my hobby! Does this mean I have to find another one????? ;)

    I've been doing the same thing! (Only without the midnight bedtime)

    That must be why I love your stories so much. I'll be watching for your special. :D

    1. Ah, thanks for making me feel better about my book obsession. :-) Next time someone asks, I'll say that's my hobby!! ;)

  2. Books are my hobby/obsession too :-) I'll defintely check out the daily specials (I'm up after midnight anyway, lol) *Hugs*