Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I don't think a writer always gets to pick what they write.  (Or perhaps I just mean *I* don't.)  That probably sounds weird, and I guess it is a little, but a lot of writing seems to take place in the subconscious, the creative side of the brain, and telling it what you ARE GOING to write now doesn't always seem to work.

The best thing seems to be convincing that shy, creative side that it's okay to come out and play, to write whatever it wants, and that it's safe and nothing bad will happen.  That's not always true, of course.  But it's best to live like it is.  Because the alternative is not tapping into the creative side nearly often enough.

I've told myself, "It's time to start another book in the Brian's Mate world."  My subconscious, my creative side, shook its head and looked stubborn.  I told it, "Look, it doesn't even have to be about those characters.  Just sit there.  Just try."

No, I want to play.

Brian's Mate WAS playing.  I'm still kind of surprised that anyone enjoyed it.  But I don't, apparently, want to play in that world anymore right now.  I hope I will someday.  I'd hate to say goodbye to it forever.

Lately, I'm working on stories with light steampunk elements.  It's just what's inspiring me lately.  Oh, also, more Max and Jamie.  I know, I know.  But I just keep needing to write about them.  Whether all of what I write will ever see the light of day remains to be seen!

I also have a short, angsty fairy tale sort of story coming out soon.  My subconscious wanted to write it.  I said, "It's too dark, too much sadness.  Write something happy."

Want to write sad stuff.

"Okay, fine.  Write the sad stuff.  Then write something happy.  Maybe more Levi and Jett?  They're happy now, so you could--"

No.  Sad stuff.  Sad stuff and steampunk.  Also sad.

"But happy endings, right?"

...Okay.  Happy endings.

I'll settle for that for now.


  1. I'll settle for your writing & happy endings too :-) *Hugs* Happy Easter :-)

  2. Thank you my dear! I hope your Easter was excellent!! Hugs....