Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello my dears.  How are you?  I've been quite ill recently, but fortunately I'm doing much better now.  I'm writing a lot, I'm eating fresh spinach, and I'm trying to get my strength back!

I had a lot of time to read while I was getting well and one of the things I read was the fabulous PsyCop series by Jordan Castillo Price.  (A lot of them were on Scribd so I could read them with my subscription.)  I kept thinking I would stop reading after the next chapter...then the next book.  And not stopping!

Also, is anyone else really anxious to find out what happens to TJ and Amal?  This is a gay romance comic I started reading and thought I could take it or leave it, but now I check multiple times a week just in case it's been updated early....

I have some more stories coming (two should be up in the next couple of days).  I'll post about them soon.  Let me just leave you with the cover for an upcoming release of mine, made for me by Victoria Davies:


  1. Oh goodness :-( I'm so sorry to read that you've been ill!! I'm happy you're on the mend *Hugs* :-)

    I didn't know PsyCop was on Scribd!!! I have the subscription, so I'll check it out ::-)

    I love TJ & Amal...I will be glad when the get back to posting 2-3 pages a week. But I love reading about their misadventures....where is TJ??? It's killing me that I don't know....

    I love your new book cover!!! I can't wait for it to come out :-)


  2. Yay! Another TJ & Amal fan!! :-D I really hope they have a happy ending in store.

    I don't always enjoy scary books, and PsyCops can be really scary, but I practically went into withdrawal when I ran out of more to read. :) Most of them are on Scribd, although not the first one and a couple of short pieces, which I ended up buying. Really hope the author writes more someday!!

    Yeah, I was pretty ill, glad to be doing better now! Thank you for the kind thoughts and hugs. :)

    Gear Heart is written, but it will need some editing (like, a lot!), so I don't know how soon it'll be out, but I'll send you a copy when it is.

    Hugs, H