Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finn is here!

The Real Finn by Hollis Shiloh

Who is the real Finn? 

Shad isn't happy about working with a partner undercover. He doesn't do partners, and now he's stuck with this guy named Finn. But Finn is so many different people. He can become anyone for his work. Which is the real Finn—the frightened pretty boy, the arrogant little bastard, or the friendly, humble guy who laughs at Shad's jokes?

Shad also doesn't hook up with anyone. He's been burned before and now only wants a trustworthy partner in a committed relationship. Unfortunately, he's falling for Finn….

Then life takes an unexpected turn. Shad ends up in a relationship with Finn that should be all he's ever wanted. Except for the sex. It takes time for Finn to heal enough to go to bed with him, and even then, it feels wrong somehow, as if he's not really there. But why?

Danger draws close, and secrets come out—secrets Finn never wanted to share. Is there still a way to make the relationship work? Shad needs to find out just as much as he needs to protect the man he's come to love. The man who might be in terrible danger….

Length: 35,000 words 

Heat level: low-medium 

Themes: gay romance, undercover cops, abuse survivor, sweet romance, tenderness, angst 

Includes short excerpts from the author's two upcoming stories: "Fireproof," and "A Wizard's Shelter."

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