Tuesday, December 17, 2013

stories that didn't work.

Now that the year is almost through, here's a look at my unfinished or abandoned work.

The Clone – A sci fi story about a clone.  -  Didn't quite work; felt 'off.'

Teds and Bread – A guy who bakes bread meets a guy who sews teddy bears and has a chip on his shoulder about his cheating ex.  -  Didn't manage to find a way to finish this.  It sounded so good in my head but it fizzled.

Jody the Con – A guy meets an old friend, the boy he first loved—now a man who can't be trusted an inch.  -  I didn't trust Jody an inch; couldn't finish it.

Lollipop Guy & Bakery Man – Fred's boyfriend breaks up with him and he finally notices that sweet, swishy Sascha is interested in him—and not ashamed to be with a "big, dumb baker."  -  Too much sex, and I didn't like the characters enough. 

"Bookstore" – Alex is hiding out in fear for his life, working at a bookstore.  His old boss finally tracks him down and sends his ex-partner—and lover—after him.  Reece isn't certain he can forgive the only man he ever loved for running away, but he can't let him go either.  -  Too much sex, too much angst, ran out of plot.  Also, not enough books for being about a man working in a bookstore.

"Flight" – A flyboy acquires a new wing-walker in a scruffy farm boy desperate to escape his old life.  -  Something about this story just doesn't click.  The farm boy needs more personality, or the flyboy does, or they both do.

"Decorations" – Two men who work together in a candy shop discover a mutual love of Christmas, and a mutual attraction neither has dared admit.  -  I'm really sad this one fell through, because I like the guys, I just couldn't seem to write the story.  It's been over a year so I probably have to accept it's dead.  

I've pretty much had to admit defeat and move these stories from my "WIP" list to my "defeated" list.  Maybe I'll find some way to fix and finish these next year, but I won't hold my breath.

NOTE: If you take any of these story ideas, PLEASE let me know and credit me.  It would be appreciated!!  I don't mean vaguely inspired by, but if you actually take the idea.


  1. It takes a lot to admit a story has died... It's heartbreaking!

    I really liked this line though, "Also, not enough books for being about a man working in a bookstore." Made me chuckle :)

    ~Raine O'Tierney

  2. Yeah, it is difficult. Thank you for your comment. I'm glad the line made you chuckle. :)