Friday, December 13, 2013

RJ Scott's competition!

Download for free at Love Lane Books or All Romance Ebooks

Hey guys!  RJ Scott, who made this lovely anthology, is running a free drawing.  You can enter here:

(To enter her big competition, go here:

The prize I signed up to give is any two copies from my back-list, whatever format you'd prefer.  RJ will tell me who won, and I'll send you your choices.  :)

Back to the anthology.  I had so much fun being part of this free Christmas book, and I'm grateful to RJ Scott for creating it.

Personally, I find there's something special about writing a Christmas story.  Perhaps because there's always something to shoot for--that specific feeling that, to me, means warmth and Christmas and happiness and, if possible, snow!  :)  

Plus I do love a happy ending, and Christmas stories seem to just go with happy endings.  Well, enough yammering from me!  I hope you have a great Christmas, whatever it holds.


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