Friday, August 7, 2020

Brian's Mate - for sale wide

 Brian's Mate didn't do that well in KU.  Lesson learned!  Now it's for sale elsewhere:







Not yet for sale on Google Play.  Google Play is giving me a bit of an issue with republishing books that were previously with Dreamspinner Press, unfortunately.  But we'll get there.

I don't know how fast I'll be about getting out the rest of the ex-DSP stories.  Brian's Mate still has the DSP audiobook for sale.  I don't think I get royalties from it still, but who knows?  Anyway it's my one and only audiobook (now and probably into the future), so I like having it out there for people who like that sort of thing.  

(For some reason it's hard for me to listen to fiction in audio format, but more power to those who enjoy.)

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