Friday, August 17, 2018

bumps in the road

The last few months have been full of challenges.  Illness, depression, writing fatigue, world events, family issues, money issues, struggling to be creative, and general health stuff.

The other day I had a car accident.  I am OK (painful bruises, though).

Anyway, life has had some "interesting" curveballs for me this year.  I'm doing my best.  Through it all, I'm always working on one story or another (or editing).

Taxes are a bit of a burden.  The inherent instability of doing something creative as a business has some stress with it.  I'm still passionate about writing, and try to get my stories out in a timely manner.

I'm probably going to change the Patreon; a short story a month is taking away from my longer (and better paying) work.  I have to consider money; I don't have endless time and energy and creativity.  I need to focus where it will be the most valued.

Still figuring it all out.  Hanging in there.  Not giving up--but there have been some challenges.  Now I'm going to shuffle out to the kitchen, drink some cold brew coffee, and look out the window at the sunflowers growing in my garden--and count my blessings.



  1. Kia Kaha Hollis, hope you feel better soon, 2018 is shaping up to be a weird year all round I think, happy to still support you on Patreon no matter what.

  2. :(( I'm so sad to hear this. Wishing the best for you. Health and otherwise and soon! lol...
    Thanks for all the stories and definitely take a few days of R & R. Once again, wishing the best for you and for things to start looking up again soon.

  3. I'll be here for whatever and whenever you need, dear Hollis :) *Gentle HUGS* I am still praying you are on the mend.