Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Books for Sale - Payhip

Following Jay Northcote's example, I've set up a Payhip shop.  Here you can buy MOBI, PDF, or EPUB formats (the same ones I used to offer through All Romance eBooks).  If you don't buy through Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Apple, or Amazon, this is your chance to get the format you prefer.

It works with Paypal/etc.  Files are yours.  I get a bigger cut of the money, and I get paid right away (not quarterly).  So, we'll see, this could be another good option.  :-)

I don't have all my stories uploaded, but there are some there already.  I'll be adding new ones as I publish them, and any older ones you guys want.  Just let me know.  Currently my last couple of releases, the Baking Bears stories, the ESRB books, my steampunk stories, and the box set of "shifters and partners" are for sale there.

Here's a coupon if you want to buy anything 30% off for the next week: 

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