Saturday, November 5, 2016

Journey - coming soon


by Hollis Shiloh

 A shifters and partners story

From the moment they meet, Nat feels a strong connection with the injured wolf...and later with the same gorgeous man.  Nat is just an ordinary cop, with his own problems and insecurities, but if he can help Journey in any way, he'd love to.

He'd also love to date the sweet, handsome shifter, although that might be more complicated than he first thought.  Two men navigate the waters of learning to trust, love, and accept themselves and each other, as they work to build a life together.

~51,000 words
Heat level: very low
keywords: shifters, relationship growth, asexuality, self-acceptance, sweet gay romance

release date: Nov. 15


Other stuff:

I'm working on FOXED UP with a goal to have it finished and published in December.  I'm hoping to have the sequel to Forgotten Things ready for January (although a lot depends on variables I'm not always able to control).

I'm also have another shifters and partners story just barely started.  (I have a lot of ideas for that series, lately.)  And there might be more of the ESRB in future, and perhaps a fantastical / historical story of another bent.  It's all a bit uncertain to be honest.

Last month was my lowest word count month so far this year; a lot of things contributed to that.  My hope is that I get a lot of inspiration and have some huge word count days this month, and really catch up with everything I've been wanting to write.

However, I've been learning lately that I really can't force it.  Sometimes, I have to let my muse work at its own pace, however much I'd like to "go faster!"  If I don't listen, there will be a cost somewhere, either in my person health or in the story I'm writing.

This is one reason I haven't written more "baking bears" books recently.  I thought I had some more ideas...but the muse does NOT want to work on that series again.  If it happens, it happens...but I can't force it.

Anyway, that's how things are going with me (related to writing, at least).  Hope you guys are doing OK and getting through this month...


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