Sunday, September 18, 2016

Forgotten Things

Forgotten Things
(Men of Magic #1)
by Hollis Shiloh

Magic takes a toll. It shortens lives, damages people, and lets magicians be used as weapons in a war. 

Jocelyn is one magician who survived that bad time and still works for the magical ministry — or rather, overworks for them. To all appearances, he's pulled together, competent, and functional. Although he has bad memories and nightmares, he manages. But he would like more from life: to find a man he can love. 

A forgotten file tells of several magicians who were put in a mental hospital after the war. Finding no other records on the subject, Jocelyn must take a trip to the sanatorium to sort things out. 

One damaged magician is still there after all these years: a handsome, sweet man with missing memories, a shy, gentle nature, and a great love of drawing. 

And the moment he meets Ellis, Jocelyn knows: This is him. He's the one. Can two damaged men help each other heal, survive all dangers, and find true love? 

40,000 words 
Very low heat

Available in Kindle Unlimited

art by the amazing TatianaOnegina: 

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  1. I cannot wait to read this!!! Already loaded up on my TBR next on my Amazon Kindle app :-)