Monday, February 15, 2016

Luke's Luck

Luke's Luck
by Hollis Shiloh

Luke and Alphonse, that unlikely pair of lovers, are still in a relationship. But Luke wonders if it's just about good sex for high-powered Alfie. They still have conflicts. Alphonse is busy a lot, and sometimes Luke wonders if he actually cares at all. 

Life has a way of testing relationships. When Luke loses his job, when the two disagree about getting a dog, when Luke's life ends up in danger from the heartless use of magic. It's going to matter a lot, knowing whether they can count on each other--whether they love each other. One thing's for sure--with Luke's luck lately, he needs someone he can count on, who cares about him more than anything. He really wants it to be Alphonse. 

Length: 34,000 words 

Heat level: spicy 

takes place after "Through the Window"
 and contains characters from that story and "Jude's Magic"

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  1. I'm a horrible friend...I haven't been commenting lately :( life has gotten so busy with work and stress (4 month old nephew in the hospital), I haven't had a chance to say Congratulations for your new books coming out!!! Of course, I've already pre-ordered all your books, lol...may have to set up a reading schedule to get them read before the end of the year ;)


    1. You don't owe me more comments! I'm sorry things have been tough for your lately! Please don't feel bad about not keeping in touch. I don't always keep in touch either. Still thinking of you and caring about you, though...


    2. *Hugs* thank you so much for your friendship & caring! Did you get my Valentine's Day e-card? It was funny, if I do say so myself :-)

      Thinking of & caring for you, too :-)

    3. I got it and tried to reply, not sure if it went through. Thank you! :-)