Thursday, October 15, 2015

All the Things I've Lost

All the Things I've Lost
by Hollis Shiloh

I am not from this world. I don't know where I was from originally. When our pod landed, I was the only one to survive, and my memory was damaged. 

That day, I lost the man I think I must have loved. 

I don't age, and I'm far too strong compared to these humans around me, but even so, I fear their finding out the truth about me. I try to protect the ones I can, but I am weak when it comes to saving them — or even just not hurting them by my ignorance and strength. 

And now for the first time in decades, I've met a man like myself from another world — the world where we both hatched. I wonder what he can tell me about myself . . . and what I dare ask without giving away the fact that I remember nothing? 

Length: ~34,000 
Science fiction gay romance

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  1. Finished this book first, I wasn't enamoured with the protag/MC, because of his mistrust & attitude, but his character eventually redeemed him :-) his husband was sweet & HOT, lol....5 stars!

    1. Thank you! :-) He definitely had some issues to work out...sometimes he was kind of a bad person. I'm glad you made it through -- thank you!